Employee clinics, once reserved for large corporations, are now available to smaller organizations, 300 employees up to 10,000.

They have been proven to achieve two goals: lower healthcare cost to the employer and achieve better health for the employees. All this with no change to your current health plan! You are already paying more for less in the retail market. In most cases, when you treat just half of your primary care appointments at the onsite clinic the savings will pay for the clinic in the first year. Voluntary utilization of the clinic is encouraged by the absence of co-pays and no waiting with single booked appointments. The higher the participation, the greater the savings.

All of this is managed by us with input from you. You watch your savings grow with the powerful reporting and utilization package included with the program. You save money. The employee saves money and becomes healthier with personal, centrally coordinated care. Everyone wins.

"As the wellness and disease management programs take hold, the savings increase and your medical trend line truly starts to flatten."