Transplant Carve Out Insurance Program

CME’s transplant carve-out program is a powerful tool to manage specialized risk. The program provides expert knowledge as well as risk-transfer which is customized to this area of medicine. Transplants and all related claims are covered from 10 days prior to 365 days following the covered procedure. Experience and long-standing relationships within the transplant specialty enhance the program’s effectiveness in managing claims and providing service to your members. These programs can be a very effective tool to manage transplant risk. This is increasingly important as the number of transplants performed are on the rise, making experienced management ever more critical.

    Fully Insured Program:
  • Solid organ and bone marrow procedures covered
  • Known cost for unknown catastrophic liability
  • Travel expenses and second opinions covered
  • Rating based on transplant claims experience for MCOs
  • Pooled rate for self-insured ERISA plans
  • Reduced reinsurance and stop loss rates for MCOs and ERISA Plans
  • Contract negotiating enhancement
    Transplant Network:
  • Finest network available
  • Outstanding contracted rates
  • Top survival rate from providing Transplant “Centers of Excellence”
  • Case management included