What percentage of your employees has a chronic illness that even they are not aware of?

Recent Health Risk Assessment (HRA) statistics for a company using an on-site primary care clinic show that:

  • Out of 1201 HRA participants for one employer.
  • 221 people (18%) were pre-diabetic (glucose level of >= 105) and were not aware of that condition. There were 10 people who were Type II Diabetics and were not aware of that.
  • 539 people (45%) had hypertension (a systolic blood pressure of >=140) and were not aware of that condition.

According to The National Institute of Health, Millman and MedStat statistics, by discovering these conditions in time and managing them appropriately, the company caught approximately $6,364,635 in catastrophic claims in the first year. That number consists of a figure of $10,683 per employee per year in savings for Diabetes (National Institute of Health) and $7,428 per employee per year in savings for Hypertension (Millman and MedStat Statistics).

Imagine the catastrophic claims that could come to your company if 20% of your people have Diabetes and 45% of them have Hypertension and they are not aware of those diseases. If you could be aware of the issues before they become claims, not only could you help your bottom line but also help your employees be healthier and happier. Does your organization have a plan in place to search out and effectively manage chronic health conditions before they surface or does it just leave it to chance. Having a wellness program is a step in the right direction but it is only part of the answer because it has so little input into the management of the chronic issue.

To solve this problem, you must not only identify the chronic health issues, you must also have integrated management of the conditions. With an on-site health clinic, you have a built in wellness program with Health Risk Assessments for each employee and their dependants and an on-site doctor who can work with the employee to manage the chronic condition. When the employee gets their HRA done and discovers an issue, they can sit down with a doctor for a consultation on how to manage the issue. After that consultation, the employee will have a plan in place with convenient monitoring and follow up to manage the issue which makes them healthier and saves the company money.